Leather Repairs Hailsham


Don’t let less than perfect leather spoil the comfort and style of your sofa, chairs or car upholstery. If your leather has suffered damage from an accident or is starting to show signs of wear after years of use, let the expert leather care team at Leather Repairs Hailsham put things right. Our highly skilled and trained craftsmen will come right to your home or workplace to restore your leather to its former glory. Using only tested techniques and the best tools and leather care products, we can erase damage, strengthen leather and keep it looking and feeling as good as it did when you first bought it. Call today and see just how good your leather can look.

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leather-repair-servcieLeather Sofas Repaired On Site

It’s not easy to move your leather sofa across the room, let alone across town to a repair shop. So when your precious sofa looks less than its best, you may think that the only option is to start shopping for a new one. At Leather Repairs Hailsham, our expert leather care team has a better answer. We’ll come right to your home or office to renew and repairs sofas of any age, shape or size. Let us keep you sitting in style.

Expert Leather Care and Cleaning

Even the best leather sofas and chairs can need a little expert care from time to time to help maintain the beauty and shine you loved so much when they were new. At Leather Repairs Hailsham, we offer expert leather care treatments to help lengthen the life of your leather. We renew and update fading colour and restore strength and shine to aging finish. Our team will also deep clean leather to remove built up dirt and stubborn stains.

Mobile Repairs for Leather Car Seats

Trust the team at Leather Repairs Hailsham to keep your car in showroom condition. Our expert leather care team will come to you at the first sign of damage to your leather car seats – no matter how big or how small. We’re happy to work on all makes and models of both new and classic cars, so call today and show your car’s leather the love it deserves.