Leather Repairs Guildford


Has your leather seen better days? Have your leather car seats suffered damage in an accident? Have years of use left your leather furniture looking shabby and worn? Let the expert leather care team at Leather Repairs Guildford put things right. Our team of highly trained craftsmen will come right to your home or workplace to carry out leather repairs of all shapes and sizes. We use only the best tools and leather care products on the market to erase damage and renew the beauty of your leather sofas, chairs or car upholstery. Call now and see just how good your leather can look.

Would you like a visit from our expert leather care team? Call us at Leather Repairs Guildford to book, or fill in our online contact form to request a free quote.

leather-repair-servcieLeather Sofa Repairs Done On Site

There’s no simple way to transport a damaged leather sofa to a shop for repairs, and you may think that shopping for a new one is your best option. Let the expert leather care team at Leather Repairs Guildford save your money and your leather. We’ll work right in your home or office to renew and repairs sofas of any age, shape or size. Let us keep you sitting in style.

Expert Leather Care and Cleaning

At Leather Repairs Guildford, we know that there is more to keeping your leather in great shape than just making sure it’s free from rips, tears and scratches. We offer a wide range of expert leather care treatments designed to lengthen the life of your leather and erase the signs of aging. Let us deep clean tired leather, renew fading colour and strengthen aging finish to keep your sofas and chairs looking and feeling like new.

Mobile Repairs for Leather Car Seats

Even the act of getting into and out of your car each day can leave scratches and scuffs on your leather seats over time. But your busy day doesn’t leave you time to run to the detail shop for every minor mark on your car’s leather. At Leather Repairs Guildford, we provide on-site expert leather care and repairs to protect your car seats and ensure they’re always in showroom condition. Call today to book.