Leather Repairs


Professional mobile leather repair service throughout Sussex

Wherever you live or work throughout Sussex we’re here to take care of your leather furniture. It might be that treasured recliner that you gently relax on after a hard day at work. Maybe it’s the family sofa that your kids have grown up playing on. Possibly, in your office, you might have invested in some stylish leather armchairs to impress important guests when they visit. Either because of simple wear and tear throughout the years, or maybe due to a sudden accident, you might find that your leather furniture is in need of some tender loving care, a thorough professional cleaning – or even a little important surgery. The great news in this sad situation is that you don’t have to worry about finding a way to return it to its factory for repair.

Three terrific services we can offer you at home or work throughout Sussex

leather-repair-servcie Repair – you may have discovered an unfortunate cigarette burn on a seat of one of your leather armchairs. Perhaps the cat you love (at least most of the time) has realised that it’s fun to have a thorough scratch at the surface of your sofa. It might be that, as time has passed, one of the seams on your recliner has started to ease away from its stitching. It could even be a problem with the springs, or that the padding in the seats begins to feel slightly tired and uncomfortable. We can visit your home or office at a time that’s convenient to you, assess the damage, and then discuss with you exactly how the necessary repair can be undertaken

Recolouring – over the years, several things might have changed the colour of parts of the leather on your furniture. It might simply be that repeated use, however careful, has rubbed some of the original colour away in certain heavy use areas (such as the arms or seats). Another common problem is that, as you relax back into the comfort of your sofa or recliner, the natural oils in your hair can gradually ease into the leather, causing a darkening of its colour. Then there are the inevitable accidental stains caused by a food spillage, wine that appeared to develop a life of its own, or a youngster not taking best care with that marker pen. We can arrange to match and recolour the offending area so that it returns to its original shade – which was probably one of the key reasons for you choosing that piece of furniture in the first place!

Cleaning – it might be that recolouring work is not needed, and all that your office sofa or lounge recliner requires is a professional deep-clean to remove the accidental blemishes of everyday life and make it feel completely refreshed and just like new again. We can work in your home or workplace, at a time that suits you, to remove any slight staining or grime that will always accumulate as time passes, no matter how carefully you care for your leather furniture.

Take action now

If you have spotted that slight tear, or staining to the surface, the quicker it’s dealt with, the less the damage (and cost) is likely to be. Contact us now, and one of our team of local and time-served experts will get to work assessing and then dealing with any damage – or simply to restore your furniture by providing a professional cleaning service.