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Your onsite leather cleaning, restoration and repair professionals Which of these could be you:

  • I own a leather recliner in my semi-detached in East Grinstead and it seems to have sprung a leak where the stuffing is poking through, need an expert leather furniture repairs.
  • The sofa in my Brighton townhouse had a bit of an accident when our cat’s claws got slightly out of control
  • One of the armchairs in our cottage in Rye seems to have accumulated a bit of grime after many years of faithful service. The other one is looking a bit tired as well
  • When I sit down on the sofa in the lounge of my flat in Hayward’s Heath, the cushions don’t seem to relax around me as they used to. They feel a bit stuffy
  • The grandchildren were playing with marker pens on one of these rainy days you get – even in Bognor Regis. Unfortunately, they didn’t just make marks on the sketchbooks they were using!
  • We invested in some armchairs a while back to make our office in Crawley look good when customers came to visit. Unfortunately, there are a few little stains and some of the colour has faded slightly

leather-repair-servcieThese are just some of the annoying leather care and repair problems that we have encountered over the years. Whether one of these situations is exactly you or not – no matter. If you live or work in Midhurst or Uckfield, Battle or Shoreham – or anywhere else throughout the towns, villages and hamlets which are scattered right throughout Sussex, the good news is that we can come to you. The other great news is that most damage can be repaired, and most problems can be solved, by our experienced team of technicians and craftsmen.

Furniture Repairs services in your home or at your office

Take a moment to examine your sofa leather furniture. Apart from sudden accidents where a knife slips whilst you were having you lunch, or a pen leaks as you were writing a letter, most damage tends to accumulate over a longer period of time. Common occurrences include the rubbing-in of natural hair oils as you sit back each day in your favourite armchair, and general wear-and-tear as the children (or adults) jump on, crawl around, fall off, and otherwise accidentally mistreat the family sofa. More specific events occur like the gradual easing away of one or more of the seams, or the springs might become misaligned.

Whatever your careful inspection has revealed, there is one great truth. Sadly, however much we might wish it, these problems simply won’t go way. Instead, they are likely to grow gradually worse and develop into a serious situation. Before that happens, and the repair costs rocket, the simple solution is to contact our team and let us sort it out right now.

On the spot cleaning, recolouring and refurbishment services

Once you have enjoyed your leather furniture repairs for a while, parts of the colour can start to fade, the occasional food, drink (or even pet) stain might have appeared, covers can become tired and worn,padding uncomfortable. Our  superbly kind but deep cleaning process can drive out the grime and eradicate the stains. Add a touch of like-for-like recolouring where necessary, perhaps have the occasional cushion or seat re-padded, and it’s almost like rediscovering that brand new piece of furniture in your home or office all over again