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mobile leather repair
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Leather Repairs Sussex is the company for you if you're looking for care, repair or ongoing maintenance for any type of leather goods and furniture.

On Site Repair Facility

mobile leather repair
on site repair

We provide On-Site repair facility for your leather furniture and leather car seats. You can contact us and just leave a address, Our expert will provide you a detail report.

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mobile leather repair

Feel free to leave a message or contact us for a Enquiry. We will response within minutes. Our online support will be with you to provide you with answers of your queries.

Leather Repairs Sussex

Specialist cleaning demands specialist attention

We’re sure you’ll agree that in an ideal world all dirt, grime and dreaded stains could be removed with a universal solution. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It often takes a clever combination of applications to clean dirty leather properly. Thankfully we’ve the know-how. Our team have the experience in place to ensure your leather furniture receives the right treatment, at the right time.

From daily contaminants such as dirt and grime to harder to stubborn stains including nail varnish, pen, paint and more, we’ve the knowledge needed to return your leather furniture to showroom condition. Our mobile cleaning specialists are available when and where you need them - throughout the Sussex area. Protect your investment You’ve invested in leather furniture and you want it to last. We understand that and can help protect your investment. Don’t reside yourself to the fact damage is inevitable wear and tear. Let the ‘leather repair’ team rejuvenate it. Keeping your investment nicer for longer.

From the repair of minor tears and abrasions to larger areas of damage, our team can visit you at home or work to assess the your furniture and offer a competitive quotation. If it’s cleaning you need, we’ll help with that too - routinely or as a one-off service.

Regular cleaning

Were you not aware that we provided a regular cleaning service? We do! At a very affordable rate.

Commercial environments

Consider this. How many people use your company’s leather furniture day after day? Colleagues, clients, customers, the list goes on. This leaves your workplace furniture exposed to a barrage of environmental contaminants. Carpets and rugs are easily dirtied - your leather furniture is too. Welcome your clientèle with pristine leather furniture. Don’t let haggard looking leather ruin the image of your business. Our mobile team can visit your workplace, keeping your furniture looking its best.

We’ve made it our business to rejuvenate your leather furniture onsite. That way you can concentrate on what’s important to you - your business. Why not request a competitive quotation online? Give us a call on: 07871 765011

Domestic environments

Daily use of your furniture inevitably leaves it open to dirt and spills. Mucky pet paws, kids with colouring pens,constant friction caused by sitting and standing are just some of the reasons to choose our regular leather cleaning service.Our team will visit, without you having to leave the comfort or convenience of your own home. Remember, we travel throughout the Sussex area.


For Enquiry Call :07871 765011